Which land is more fertile, this or Bardhaman’s?

This soil. All kinds of vegetables grow here, because the soil is more humid, so the plants can absorb the moisture and grow at ease. There, as the soil is less humid, the plants have to absorb water immediately. They plant paddy only twice over there, and nothing apart from that. Here you have jute, potato, sesame, banana, guava, paddy, mustard, wheat… there is no wheat cultivation in Bardhaman; they grow mustard there, but it grows here too. Here we grow chickpeas, black lentils, pigeon peas, pink lentils, black peas… the plants get very big here… so, we grow a variety of crops. The soil is fertile; here we’re close to the water, the water table is high, in Bardhaman it is low. There you have to use five pipes to arrive to the water, here you need just one pipe. Water is closer, as under the soil, there is a river. We are cultivating on the top of a river.