Archives of Movement # 1: Bangladesh and West Bengal is an attempt to remake for the imbalance between a scholar’s focus and the inevitably farer-reaching perspectives offered by the individuals she encountered. It is, on the one hand, a gallery in which illustrations, fieldwork notes, fragments of conversations, statistics, geographical and mental maps as well as images gathered during movements with ten very special translocal persons, are related one to another rather intuitively than analytically: discontinuities, ruptures and idiosyncrasies are hence constituent parts of it. The plural Archives points at the variability of readings that you may choose to adopt according to your interests, to your favourite protagonist or to your preference for visuals or texts.

On the other hand, it is an occasion to reflect on the essential, if not existential, experience of Movement – a reflection in form of soundscapes, collaging multifarious travels and thoughts. Because eventually, archived experience must surrender vis-à-vis everyday life experience and its affinity to what is unclassifiable – desire, longing, memory.

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