Milton is what one would call a self-made man. Since early childhood, he’s fought for a better life and although he seemed to have achieved a certain security in Dhaka, he didn’t have enough. In early 2015, he took off for the second time in search of better work opportunities outside of Bangladesh. Until then, he had been earning a living trading kancha moriz, green chillies, in Dhaka’s central vegetables and fruits market, Kawran Bazar. Since the city corporation’s decision to ban lorries in downtown during the day, his had become a nighttime business; he walked back to the room he shared with his brother and another friend from their district when everybody else in the city went to work. While his family – his mother, wife and five small children – lived in a newly built brick-house just outside the small town of Gafargaon, ca. 85kms away from the capital, Milton used to visit once in three weeks.