Nowadays, it is not anymore necessary to go from one mukam [local wholesale markets] to another. It just suffices to make a phone call. For example, now I can call Magura and tell them, ‘send me five-seven’,

Five-seven trucks?

What! Five-seven sacks, each would contain 60-70, sometimes 100 kg. Now the system has changed. Earlier there was no aarot [regional/district-wise wholesale markets] system. For example, in an area there were various haat [weekly village markets], but no aarot. On haat day, you had to go to the haat in order to buy. But nowadays, what is happening? Today, there is a bazar that runs every day. The harvested products have to be brought from different places to one market. Now there is nothing like haat anymore. haat belong to the past, when there was no transportation system. There was no transportation system and no mobile, there was no telephone. So for example, one day there would be a haat in some area, tomorrow there would be another 5 km away, and one ought to go and get the supplies from there. Nowadays, that’s is not necessary anymore. Now, every day is haat day – I mean, markets specialised on vegetables. You buy your supplies there, load those on your vehicle. You simply call, ask to send 1.000, 2.000 kg of supplies; maybe one day 3.000 kg. It is not necessary anymore to go physically to the mukam.