The landscape is very different in Khagrachari, there is a lot to see, there are hills, you can see those. Whereas in Rajbari [his home district] we are on a plain. See, we are sitting here, look how deep it is down there. That place is more beautiful than ours, it is beautiful, life style is good. Should I have money again, I would bring her [his wife] here. Let us see. It is beautiful. The matter is it is high, if you stand on the hill and look down… then if you look down it will be 100 feet deeper and 100 feet higher. This means mountains. The road is very high, absolutely. It makes like this, it climbs up and down and then climbs again up. Over there we live on a plain, whereas here it is higher, there are only mountains. They have everything in this place, whatever we have over there, they have it here. But here, there are more trees, trees are much more. I mean, over there land is cleared, trees have been cleared up, whereas here it is jungle. There is no cultivation here, in our place there is cultivation, plot by plot; but the trees on the hills can’t be fell, they belong to the government, they cannot be cut.