Apart from this [the routine transfer to Dhaka], I went to Chuadanga, yes, I also did business in that area, I know the bazar in Chuadanga. I did not travel out a lot though; I went to Khulna and Barisal. Apart from that, I went to Jhinaida, Jessore, Chuadanga, I went to these places. I went to the birth place of Shek Mujib in Tungipara, that place too. Otherwise, I did not travel a lot. I have gone to places in the Dhaka region. In order to go to Chuadanga from Goalanda-more you need to cross Jhinaida. In Chuadanga there is a big bazar for green chilies, I used to trade in green chilies, the hot ones; I also went to Khulna for green chilies. In Dhaka, I go to Karwan Bazar; I’m in Mirpur and in Savar – wherever there is a good market, there I’ll go to do business. But I don’t like the city, it is just good for the business. See, people like you come and they feel to stay here rather than in the city. I mean, one will like the taste of the place where he lives. Those who live in Dhaka have to face problems. Isn’t it good to be in one’s birth place? She is from abroad, imagine, which problems she must be facing.

In our Rajbari district I know different places. For example, in Kustia, we went only to the bazar; we never visited other places. We did business in Kustia that is why we visited the bazars, otherwise, we did not go outside. In Kustia, people were not good. Suppose, we did business we had cash, we went to another place and we were robbed, that is why I did not go to other places, I did not roam around. I went to bazar, I sold my supplies and came back by train.

Of course, I will manage to find my way in Dhaka. Apart from that, Jattrabari, Saidabad, Karwan Bazar, Farm Gate… of course I know, I stayed in Jattrabari. I used to pull a rickshaw.

What, in Dhaka? When?

A lot of time ago. It will be approximately 15 years ago. At that time, there was nothing in Jattrabari. There were holes on the road, the Chittagong road was broken. Kajla road was broken. Nowadays, there are many new things there.